Bowen Public Affairs Consulting, and Andy Bowen (the firm’s principal) working in other contexts, have played major roles in shepherding economic justice victories. This necessarily involves a combination of working with community members, non-profits, and policymakers to develop government policy/budget concepts, and then bring them to a finalized, practical, implementable form.

Below is a selected list of government policy/budget victories that Bowen Public Affairs and Andy have played a major role in bringing to the finish line, always in collaboration with community partners and policymakers. For more details on these accomplishments, and how Bowen Public Affairs Consulting can provide similar services for your policy/budget visions, contact andy [at] bowenpublicaffairs [dot] com.

As Bowen Public Affairs Consulting:

  • July 2020:
    • Provided advice and advocacy support to NYC worker cooperative support organizations to preserve City funding despite historically¬†challenging budget conditions.

    • Assisted activists in the District of Columbia in successfully advocating for $500,000, directed to a workforce program for transgender and gender non-conforming runaway and homeless youth. These funds were a successful example of divestment from police and investment in social programming.

  • October 2019: UnityWorks, a program from the NYC government, the nation’s most comprehensive workforce development program for Runaway and Homeless LGBTQI+ Youth.
  • June 2019: LGBTQ Community Outreach Workers: Multi-year funding for healthcare navigators in NYC’s public hospitals who focus on needs of LGBTQI+ people, and are especially knowledgeable about transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary (TGNCNB) issues.

Andy Bowen, in other contexts: