Bowen Public Affairs Consulting has undertaken, and seeks to work on, projects that accomplish ambitious social justice goals.

If your organization has wanted to pursue a government policy change (inclusive of budget spending) but has not had the bandwidth, Bowen Public Affairs wants to work with you to develop the concept, and work with community members, other subject matter expects, and policymakers to promote actionable policy and budget visions, and implement them with fidelity.

See Victories for more details on our success so far.

In other words, if you have a vision for policy/budget change but need someone to take the work on in its multiple aspects, we want to be your force multiplier.

In a broad sense, we see ourselves as part of an effort to make government serve the ends of social justice. Government can be a force for great good, but there has been an effort over the last half century to delegitimize government, and use it for vicious ends. Government power has been denigrated, both by making social programs paltry and punitive, and by using state force to harm people, primarily low-income people of color. At Bowen Public Affairs, we seek to reverse this, and make government actually work (providing resources, just policy and action) for the people.

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