I said things about economic justice at Netroots Nation!

Philly Gay News reported on a panel I spoke on at Netroots Nation about the LGBTQI+ movement and economic justice, with Joan Jones of the National LGBTQ Workers Center, Tyrone Hanley of National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Amber Hikes, Executive Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia, PA.

For Bowen, principal at Bowen Public Affairs Consulting, the LGBTQ movement’s tendency to shy away from addressing economic injustice issues shows “the big banner things that we focus on, they’re a little out of whack.”

The steps that need to be taken to address LGBTQ economic inequality include using government funding to create LGBTQ-oriented social programs, pushing philanthropists in the queer movement to support on-the-ground service providers and uplifting political advocacy that distributes resources to the community, said Bowen, a queer trans woman.

Courtesy of Philadelphia Gay News

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