Working for Social Justice, From Policy Articulation to Implementation

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Bowen Public Affairs Consulting was started by activist Andrea (Andy) Bowen in late 2017.

Bowen Public Affairs is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations and governments in furthering social justice movements, from policy articulation to implementation. We believe in serving movements, and using our work to connect different struggles in broader efforts to make government actually function for people.

Our team is experienced and successful at a holistic process of policy articulation and advocacy: we work with organizations, community members, and people in government to develop actionable policy and budget proposals, drawn from the experiences of the people we work for, informed by research, and articulated with the kinds of practical details that policymakers seek. From there, we ensure whatever policy and budget ideas you want to put in circulation will be seen and put into action.

We also create media to support communities and organizations in a variety of forms, including political education, and technical assistance around effective advocacy techniques.

For more information, read about our team, and Bowen Public Affairs’ Victories, StrategyNews, and Testimonials pages. If you’re interested in working with us, contact Andy via andy [at]

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